Information is the fuel that drives smart public policy and advocacy campaigns—the difference between informed strategy and shot-in-the-dark idealism. WCA derives data from three primary areas – focus groups, public opinion polling and community surveys, and research and reporting.

Focus groups: The best way to understand people is to listen to them talk frankly. Focused discussion provides a fertile forum for new ideas to surface, and allows us to evaluate the impact of existing priorities, as well as to test potential initiatives. 

Public opinion polling and community surveys: We work with the top polling firms in the nation to create the most sophisticated and accurate research instruments in our sector. This provides us grounded and accurate information, allowing for precise and powerful messages that drive our public policy and advocacy efforts. 

Research and reporting: Valuable research is constantly being released into the world n a daily basis. An appropriate aggregation strategy is essential to fully informing the decision-making process for every project we take on.

WCA’s reporting of its research findings—from informational polling to collections of outside studies to first-person reporting from places like the Social Innovation Summit—can serve as think-tank fodder, establishing the WCA as a thought leader when it comes to issues in California and beyond.

Council of Economic Advisors: WCA is right now in the process of forming a Council of Economic Advisors. A team that will work with us to research, identify, and help create public policies that will positively impact our regions economy.